Emotions are fluid; they change constantly, and a lot of it depends on our current situation. The sad truth is we encounter various reasons to feel sorrow, anger, grief and resentment regularly – being fired from a job, the loss of a loved one, broken relationships etc. Under the circumstances, you would think that we would discuss our problems freely and vent our frustrations, but the reality is exactly the opposite. There is such stress and pressure on people that they cannot afford to let their emotions surface properly. This is actually detrimental in the long run as it triggers other complicated emotions and more intense feelings. So how do you handle this issue before it starts affecting different aspects of your life? Go to a doctor, of course. I mean, what other option is there? But more often than not, when you come clean about your emotions, a regular medical practitioner will suggest anti-depressants for “helping” you. This is a slippery slope though and there are plenty of cases, where patients have become dependent on the prescription drugs. Of course, there is always the off-chance that some doctor will recommend talk therapy or counseling. Irrespective of the option chosen, Western treatments fails to comprehend the fact that specific emotions stem from certain organs, and thus, have either a balancing effect or cause harm, depending on the type and degree of emotion felt. Acupuncture is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine that focuses on this problem and helps you get a grip on your emotions. Visit any natural healing clinics any place and experience the benefits of the healing treatment yourself. It might look scary, what with all the pins, but in the hands of an experienced professional, not only will you not feel any pain but you will feel extremely relaxed and de-stressed. The drastic improvement in your quality of life and mental state will be noticeable right from the first session.

How does Acupuncture work?

The art of acupuncture is at least 2,500 years old and differs considerably from other forms of treatment as it seeks to harmonize the relationship between organs and emotions.  This is an important aspect of how Chinese acupuncturists practice, looking for subtle signs to figure out how best to rebalance the imbalances. To experience the full benefits of this therapy, it is best to visit a licensed practitioner who understands the process as well as the different techniques necessary to get the job done fast and easy.

Role of Emotions

Acupuncturists believe that there are seven separate emotions felt by human beings viz. anger, fear, anxiety, grief, fright, pensiveness and joy. Each emotion is associated with a different organ(s), and in order to rid yourself of a particular negative feeling, the connected organ needs to be targeted.

  • Anger, in Chinese medicine, signifies what we understand of anger, along with frustration, irritability, and resentment. All of these emotions are related to the liver.
  • Fear is associated with the kidneys in the body.
  • Anxiety comes from the lungs.
  • Grief is connected directly with the lungs. If it develops from regular initial grief to chronic sorrow, then it has the capacity to damage the lungs considerably.
  • Fright is a sudden feeling that affects the heart at first, but over time, fright becomes a conscious fear which again affects the kidneys.
  • Pensiveness signifies extreme mental stimulation and over thinking, and this is connected with the spleen directly.
  • Joy comes from the heart. In Chinese medicine, however, joy refers to an overexcited and agitated state of mind.

Sadness and grief are believed to hamper the normal flow of energy within the lungs and the large intestines. Resentment and anger cause energy blockages in the gall bladder and liver channels. This soon leads to mood swings, pain, dysmenorrhea, and indigestion.

Mode of Treatment

These negative emotions are exactly what acupuncture targets, and by applying the pins in the right pressure points throughout the body, the acupuncturist removes any blockages which might limit the flow of energy and cause you to fall sick. Therefore, acupuncture focuses on the root of the problem rather than the symptoms.

Millions of people opt for acupuncture to deal with the imbalances instead of just the physical symptoms. This is a great way to maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit. Pay a visit to one of the natural clinics or any other place to know more about the health benefits of acupuncture. They can help you understand this treatment and help you deal with your emotions before they become chronic. You can also re-discover bits of yourself in the process that you’d lost due to the overwhelming stress.

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